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                    Sipan - ELAPHITE (Deer Islands)



Elafiti makes an archipelago of 13 islands, only three are inhabited. Sipan Island is among them. Place the unprecedented natural beauty, dense pine forests, Mediterranean vegetation, the caves that has eaten away at sea for centuries, untouched sandy beaches... On the other hand the home of the rich traditional heritage, home of the brave captains and sailors of the Dubrovnik Republic and the present Dubrovnik. The old aristocratic palaces and villas and today, although some dilapidated, testify and after a while that there once was known to enjoy!

The largest of the Elaphite Islands, Sipan is famous for its numerous palm tree species, as well as for the olives, figs, vineyards, oranges and citrus groves. There are two ports on the island, Sudurad (San Giorgio) and Luka Sipanska (Sipan Port), conected by 5 km long road suitable for the bikers, that cuts across the fertile fields of Sipan.  

During the XV century, many aristocratic families from Dubrovnik built their summer manors on Sipan. Accordingly, the summer manor of the Sorkocevic family stands out in Luka Sipanska. The two most representative renaissance palaces of the famous ship-owning family Skocibuha are situated on the site of the former shipyard in Sudurad, where many skips of the powerful Dubrovnik fleet were launched... The secluded coves and groves hide many examples of the Dalmatian architecture: from fortress and Early Christian chapels to the most representative summer residences, mysterious structures preserved from time immemorial.

The island of Sipan is abole all a promised land for lovers of unspoiled nature, who enjoy listening to the sounds of silence and the sea. It is an attractive oasis of peace and serenity, where, unlike anywhere else, the setting sun colors of the sky fire-red, waiting for the golden glow of the moon to rise behind the hills. There are few such virgin places left in this world...

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