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Speed line to Lopud

                    Lopud village- ELAPHITE (Deer Islands)



Elaphites make an archipelago of 13 islands, only three are inhabited. Place the unprecedented natural beauty, dense pine forests, Mediterranean vegetation, untouched sandy beaches ... On the other hand the home of the rich traditional heritage, home of the brave captains and sailors of the Dubrovnik Republic and the present Dubrovnik. The old aristocratic palaces and villas and today, although some dilapidated, testify and after a while that there once was known to enjoy! 

One of the most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Dubrovnik, but also on the whole Adriatic coast definitely is beach Sunj on Lopud Island.

It is ideal for families with children and for young people who want to enjoy ball games in the shallows.

The beauty of this beach is its sandy shallows stretching one hundred meters from the coast, as well as the combination of sea surface on one side and pine forest on the other.

On the beach there are two restaurants where you can refresh yourself with a drink or enjoy a delicious meal.

Those looking for more adventure can use electric vehicles to cross over to the other side from the inhabited part of the island. 

Lopud in the 16th century had 30 churches, numerous summer residences, several monasteries and many more inhabitants than today.

It is no wonder that in the time of the Dubrovnik Republic this island was a preferred spot of the patrician families to build a summer residence. On the island today are visible remains of medieval churches, villas and forts.

In the evening, on your return to Dubrovnik City harbour, you will testify the most romantic sunset of your lifetime. 

Lopud is the most treasured tourist excursion point in Dubrovnik area. You will realize why! 

Distance from Dubrovnik City Harbour: 20 minutes

The price:

Included in the price: just transfer (possible different arrangements for groups)

Capacity: 12 passengers (min.6)

Recomended  to bring: swimsuit, towel, sunglasses, sunscreen, hat,...


To sail necessary favorable weather conditions.

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