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                    Kolocep - ELAPHITE ISLANDS (Deer Islands)



Elafiti makes an archipelago of 13 islands, only three are inhabited. One of them is Kolocep. Place the unprecedented natural beauty, dense pine forests, Mediterranean vegetation, the caves that has eaten away at sea for centuries, untouched sandy beaches ... On the other hand the home of the rich traditional heritage, home of the brave captains and sailors of the Dubrovnik Republic and the present Dubrovnik.

Two members of Christopher Colombus' crew that discovered America were from Kolocep. 

Only 15 minutes by speedboat from Dubrovnik City Harbour, Kolocep Island is a top kayaking, snorkeling and diving spot due to its numerous caves and untouched water life, all within your grasp, cleverly secluded and preserved for centuries. You can enjoy gastronomic delights when on the island, as well as swimming in its waters and walking theough its woods filled with olive, palm and wild orange trees. You can also hire canoes, bikes and sailing boats or go diving if underwtaer exploration is your thing... If you want to escape the daily grind of city life then this island is made for you.

Kolocep, or rather Kalamota Island is a small traffic-free island with only 160 friendly inhabitants. Surrounded by crystal clear waters and dense scenery of pines, groves with meandering paths together with the friendly fauna symphony concur the setting for its ancient Greek name kalos niktos – beautiful nights.

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